Casero is an Austin-based food company that specializes in beautifully crafted charcuterie and cheese boards delivered to your door. Our boards come ready-to-entertain straight out of the box! Boards + disposable serving utensils are included. Our founder, Jackie Letelier, crafts all of Casero’s pâtés, mustards, and pickles by hand, putting her own special spin on beloved family recipes from her childhood. The other charcuterie is sourced from our favorite artisans across the country.

In addition to the seasonal, handmade products from Casero and other local and regional producers, all of our boards are decorated with local herbs and flowers from nearby farms. And the cheeses we highlight? Those are selected from our favorite, small-batch USA producers many from right here in Texas! We take pride in sourcing the freshest local and organic ingredients for our products and boards. Building on our longstanding partnerships with area farmers, ranchers and makers, we thoughtfully curate all of the delicious parts of each Casero board.


Jackie Letelier

As a young girl in South Texas, Jackie loved being in the kitchen with her mother, aunts and grandmother as they created beautiful meals for the entire family. From her countertop perch, she would soak up the sights, sounds and flavors, mesmerized by the fun of it all. The latter half of her childhood was spent on her family’s farm in Chile, where weekends were filled with long lunches with family and friends. Jackie learned that the secret to easy entertaining was a generous spread of fresh cheeses, meats, home grown vegetables, fruits from the orchard and delicious, homemade preserves. Another early lesson? The best recipes were made with ingredients that came straight from the land where they lived. Casero was born of this love of simple food, honest ingredients and abundant hospitality.

Emily Stengel

Emily was raised among the farms and gardens of  the Texas Hill Country by a family of strong women. She lives for delicious experiences and shared meals, and always delights in the stories behind the ingredients. From co-founding East Austin’s HOPE Farmers Market to incorporating small businesses  in large-scale events around the country, Emily continues a focused effort to celebrate and advocate for small batch producers with sustainable and ethical practices.

Jackie and Emily met in 2008 over food and drinks and have been partners in fun ever since.