Casero Tables


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Casero tables are built to entertain with ease. Boards are assembled and ready to simply unwrap and place next to one another to form a beautiful (and prep-free) arrangement. Casero Tables include cheese, charcuterie, crudité with hummus, fruits, nuts, olives, pickles.  A cracker board, napkins, service utensils, and bamboo leaf boats are also included.

Refrigerated storage needs: Each order contains two 18” x 18” stackable boxes that fit in most household refrigerators. We recommend refrigerating boards until 1 hour before serving.

Tablescape: Each order contains two 16” x 16” boards that you’ll place together for a seamless and beautiful presentation. You’ll need extra space for crackers, utensils, and napkins, so plan for a footprint of 16” x 48” for every 25 people you’re serving.

Set of 2 boards to entertain 25 guests: $425
Set of 4 boards to entertain 50 guests: $850
Set of 6 boards to entertain 75 guests: $1275
Set of 8 boards to entertain 100 guests: $1700